this place just keeps getting weirder

Livejournal hates me.
lets hope it hates this me less.

I used to be hard_to_erase
but lj stopped letting me update.
it lets me update this one though, so, lets hope it stays that way.

I don't waste my time or energy hating anyone or anything in particular.
I have something in common with almost everyone. Well, at least everyone that's worth having something in common with.
I like bunnies, times when I can follow an entire conversation in Japanese, and cheese enchiladas.
I really wish I could think of another way to start my sentences, but it's late, and I'm not feeling creative.

I wish I could actually draw instead of just trying (I often get caught on deviantart for hours at a time).
The same goes for acting, but at least I'm semi-competent at that (meaning people tell me they like me).
I've recently started the violin - and I suck so badly that I wont let anyone be anywhere near me when I practice - but I really really love it.

I'm pretty chill, if that can be used as an adjective.
I like fantasy and fiction, all the colors of the rainbow, and 박현빈 hahaha.

I can be a little random, but I'm mostly harmless.
let's be friends?

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