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Meeting Marlene

IMG_1599, originally uploaded by Jennifer Trejo.

Opening night was last night.

It was pretty awesome, here's a picture from the show to get your imaginations going. Hopefully later I'll have some cast pictures to add to this.

I feel like no matter how manly i'm acting, when I smile, I'm all girl.

there were some mistakes, but we did it, and I'm so impressed with everyone.

I put too much fixing powder on and looked like a vampire, but oh well, i wont do that again.
Also, this morning I woke up with an English accent! haha.
AND! After I went to eat with a couple of theatre kids, and they said that I was one too! So, now I'm officially a theatre kid. ^____^

The primary component of breast milk is _______.
  a. sugar
  b. fat
  c. proteins
  d. water
  e. lactogobulins

Correct Answer: c
Your Answer: d

Nov. 4th, 2008

WOO HOO!!!!! <3

florida went blue. <3

Crazy Loop - Crazy Loop (Mm-ma-ma)

okay, you've really got to watch this.

It seriously made my week.
I love Dan Balan.

Jul. 8th, 2008

so right now i'm sitting on my bed, without a computer of any sort. this is really surreal. my dad had to get a new phone and he got a blackberry so we have internet for at least a month, which is great because I can kit when we're driving cross country! even if that is a little...idk, odd.

I was considering turning on the computer to do this, but the novelty of updating without having to move won me over.

today was crazy productive, but I still didn't do some things I neede to, like wash the dog and buy rabbit food. I could be a hermit.
seriously, I don't have to leave my house.

I packed 3 boxes today. that's a lot for me. at least, at this point in time. i'm pretty sure tomorrow i'll do more than 3, but I also hope i'll wash the dog.

I got a package with my summer reading book, which is...drumroll please "worth the fighting for" by John McCain.
Capital letters are almost a hassle.
i'm actually not dreading reading it, it looks better than "big money" and "how to read a book" and "portrait of the artist as a young man" and that book we had to read about the racially confused half black half white guy for 10th grade.

but, more excitingly, I got my course liiiiiisting. if I knew when my freshman critical inquiry (intensive writing seminar thing) was, then I could feel pretty secure in my schedule making abilities. as it is, I hope the seminar's on mon/wed/fri, most of my classes are on tuesday/thurs except japanese, which meets every weekday. I hope I get the one that starts at 10, 3 days a week and not the one that starts at 8:10, 2 days a week.

i'm really excited about college, guys. <3
I should think about sleeping though, niiiiiiight!!
well, we've graduated.
I'm alumni, I'm a college student.

it's just like after 8th grade. I dont belong to one school anymore, but i dont belong to the next either.

I'm not sure if I'm really processing any of this, but in my head it all makes sense. In my mind I know that i wont see these people again, some of them ever. I knew the last time I saw Alexis that I'd never see her again, even though she said i would. She didnt sign my yearbook, but neither did Max or allison. but brian black did. wtf? haha.

I guess maybe when you get down to it the most important people dont really need to sign it because you know that what you feel and all you remember cannot be put into words and captured like images on film.

I may not see danielle again, or crystal, or catherine, or some other people who matter, but for some reason I'm okay with all of this.

I'm perfectly content in knowing that everything's going to be fine, and I'm going to be fine, and there will be nostalgia, but it wont be crippling, and i"ll get over it because some of the best times in my life have yet to come - like travelling and falling in love.

I think I'm the type of person who's destined to meet lots of people in my life (and enjoy their company) but not to hang onto them.
I think it's best Al and I didnt have a bunch of classes together this year so I could learn how to stand on my own, and still have her there peripherally when we needed each other.

I havent cried, and even though I keep thinking I might, and saying that such and such will make me, such and such happen, and not a tear falls and I realize that maybe I'm not going to cry, I'm not meant to. I've grieved for this in my own way, but since I know I can keep my memories and I'll keep the people who matter most no matter what, it doesnt matter that everything's changing. I know I'll be okay, and that this isnt going to be the only time in my life I say goodbye, pick up and leave.
Maybe next time it'll be harder, and maybe some nights in the future I'll cry, but now I cant. I dont see the sadness that I should. That I could see, perhaps if I looked at this differently.

Now, dont think that my lack of tears is a lack of emotion. I have SO MUCH of it, it just...idk. It's not being expressed in the way that we assume it would be. I feel it, attachment, fear, separation anxiety. I just refuse to give in.

and thus I realize, I've grown up and I know who I am.
and I accept what my life has in store for me.
and I'm not worried about it, nor am I resisting.

que sera sera, and bye MAST Academy.

4th period/lunch was nice today.

Someone said this was the last sunday peanuts strip created/ran. (actually, it was the guy who does asofterworld)
it makes me really sad.
i think it fits considering we're graduating and leaving high school so soon.
i'd really like this to be my graduation post, but i'll never remember to do that, so let me just get this over with now.


we had fun, didn't we?

13 quarters = $2.75

I'm so out of it.

school should be interesting this week. :/

Apr. 3rd, 2008

I made myself a new lj icon, I'm SO EXCITED.
I mean, i've made animated gifs before, but i always forget how easy it is and am always too lazy to do it, but not this time ^.^

it's from chobits.
which, sadly, is one of my very favorite things to do this week. >.<

EDIT 23:01
damnit, its not working.
and, it erased all my other layers?!

EDIT April 6